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Thursday, July 29, 2010

From 0-90...

My goodness, I feel like a crazy person...
I can't honestly remember what I've posted on here about being a mother of 3 or my third child. But honestly I have to say that my transition from 2-3 kids was really easy. It was a very smooth transition, sure there was added chaos but I actually think that it was the easiest addition of a child to my world. I didn't have the world changing shock that accompanies your first child. I didn't have the guilt and balancing issues I had when my second came along. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Evan was born super easy going and mild mannered. As long as he was loved some, entertained some, fed, and changed he was happy. Upon visiting family last month my sister in law remarked "I keep forgetting you have a third, he's so calm & quiet."

In fact he thrives in the chaos of the other two. I think I'll always remember the morning that we were eating breakfast at the table. It was quite because everyone was eating. In the quiet Evan, sitting in his bouncy seat, started to fuss. I decided to finish eating before I got him. The two big kids finished first and started running around and being their crazy usual selves. As soon as the noise and activity started again, Evan calmed right down and was quite content

That was my life... Just before Evan turned 7 months (about 2 weeks ago) he started to crawl. And in this week, he has gotten brave and fast! Like I said, I feel like a crazy person. The level of vigilance I have had to put forth the last few days is exhausting. It's not just that we weren't prepared for this and the house isn't baby proof, but he is into everything! He's much more curious than I remember the other two being. There is also a lot more stuff around with two big kids! What he like the most are, of course, things that he cannot have. He loves cords, cds, paper, leaves, and my computer. Just this morning I had to get part of a coupon out of his mouth.

Oh, and did I mention he loves to be on the bottom of his feet? He bear crawls often, and pulls up anytime he can figure out how... And I have stairs we will be dealing with shortly. AGGHHH!!!
Good bye my life of the exersaucer contained, calm, content child. Hello chaos.

I guess I should be grateful for the 7 month respite. :)

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  • Ahhh, how I eat up posts like this. I can imagine so well everything you wrote. That Evan is just so stinkin cute! Good luck with keeping up with him. I was just thinking the opposite things with Hayden yesterday. Carter never just sat anywhere because before he could even sit or at the same time he would army crawl so whenever he was on the ground he was taking off somewhere. But yesterday I put Hayden on the ground with a few toys around her and she just sat there content and played. I remember looking at those babies longingly with Carter and I have one... at least for now.

    By Blogger The Nielsen Family, at 1:45 PM  

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