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Friday, January 14, 2011

13 months- 1st word

My sweet and trouble baby Evan is 13 months old. At moments this is hard to believe, and other moments it's hard to believe he hasn't been with us forever. Not to mention he is convinced that he is just as old, just as big, and just as capable to do anything that Caleb and Elizabeth are doing.
Today he said his first word! What a big boy. Now, you might be thinking... 13 months, and only his first word. That really isn't that impressive. You're right. He's been babbling and repeating sounds for months. But for a Brown kid none of that gets to count as you're first word. For starters, I have to know that this word can be repeated. And you have to be willing to repeat it on command and show off. Also, this word must be used in context.
So yes, he's babbled LOTS of things. Many I probably could have considered his first word. But I didn't count anything before today.
Here is the scenario:
We were dropping Elizabeth off at her bus stop and she was getting out of the car. (Yes we drive to the bus stop. We don't in decent weather, but it is significantly below freezing, there are inches of snow on the ground and sidewalks because no shoveling ordinance is enforced, and the wind chill is more than I feel right about making my boys walk over half a mile through. But enough of my aside...) I told the boys to tell her good bye. Caleb did, and Evan waved as usual, but he also said "bye." I was so excited! He told her a couple of times, told me again later, and we called my mom so he could tell her too.
I'm sure before long we will be telling him not to interrupt, but today I am so excited he's finally decided to start talking. :)
Just for the record:
Elizabeth's first word: "Dada"
Caleb's first word: "woof" He said it every time he saw a dog, and anytime you asked him what a dog said. :)
So maybe I'll never get a kid who says "mama" first... oh well

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  • I like your idea of the official first word. My mom kind of did the same thing. She never counted the Mama or Dada as the first word because those are just sounds that every kid starts off making, so each child has a very unique and indivdual first word that follows rules similar to yours. Hayden said her first word beside Mama and Dada today and said it continuously and that is Grandma - Mema or Nema I coudn't quite tell. She said it when Gma was getting her out of her carseat and when I was trying on clothes and she heard Grandma's voice outside of our changing room she started pounding on the door and yelling "Mema Mema" over and over till I opened the door and she could get her Grandma! Sometimes I think she likes Grandma better than me.

    But enough about my family. I think Bye is a great first word and I love how excited you got about it and called Grandma to share the fun. Way to go Evan!

    By Blogger The Nielsen Family, at 7:13 PM  

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