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Monday, April 14, 2008

Car Games

I'll be honest and admit that I am grateful to be a mom in the portable DVD generation. I honestly don't know what I would do without it sometimes.
With that being said... What were your favorite car ride games to play as a kid? I remember playing the Alphabet game, the license plate game, we even splurged and had car ride magnetic bingo for one of our cross country trips one summer.
Here is the "game" Elizabeth and I played on our drive home on Sunday night. (Mind you we've been in the car for almost 6 hours at this point.) It all began with one simple question: "Mommy how far are we from home?" I told her we were about 10 minutes from our house. "How many times would I have to count to 10?" (Do you see the game yet?) I reply 600 times. Some children might be daunted, or uninterested, or discouraged. Not mine.
After setting the rules "Mommy, I'm going to count to ten, then you count how many times I count." Elizabeth began the game.

She didn't make it to 600, but she did count from one to ten 107 times before we pulled in the driveway. Honestly I think it made those last few minutes go a little faster.


  • What a cute game! We tried the alphabet game with Gage on our last trip and he really enjoyed it but he was only finding things in the car with letters (that was off limits when I was little - it had to be outside) We make him look for deer sometimes - and he has to be really quiet not to scare them! It's really just for us to get him to be quiet for a little bit because we rarely see deer!

    By Blogger Debbi, at 10:08 AM  

  • how funny! you've got a persistent daughter! so, does this mean you're back from house hunting?

    games... we had the slide bingo car game that included things like a "silo" -- i had to check the definition of that one as a young child! my family always transformed our car into a theater, though. we rigged a TV in the back of our van somehow. dad really liked it because he could watch in the rear view mirror!

    By Blogger laura jo, at 6:22 PM  

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