The light inside

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The artist and the tease...

My sweet Elizabeth has turned into quite the budding artist. I don't know what else she does at preschool, but I know she spends quite a bit of time at the art area. Everyday I have at least one piece of art to bring home, and usually it is more. Today, however, was the biggest day of all. Today she had 6 pieces of art from school yesterday. She was SO proud of her work. She paints most of the time, and because of that it has become one of Caleb's favorite new words. If you are wondering what might be a good birthday present, I'm sure she would love her own sutido... or maybe just some watercolors. :)
Oh, Caleb. He is SUCH a tease. It all started in mid August. Caleb started showing signs of being interested in potty training. He has used the potty several times, but everytime it seems he goes for a few days, and then stops being interested. I realize that he is really young, so I have been trying really hard not to push anything. But, I have to say that it is pretty hard not to get excited and want him to move forward in this way. The last two days he has used the potty, but not today. Of course not. :) I guess I can't be too disappointed.