The light inside

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Could I be this lucky? Is it possible? Many of you probably know my daughter basically potty trained herself at 18 months. By 19 months she was wearing underwear day and night, and I cannot remember her ever having any major accidents.
I knew my son would be different, and he is. However, I can almost not believe the events that have occurred over the last week.
Since August Caleb has been using the potty to on and off. Nothing exciting just as he whimed here and there. Friday morning I went to take his diaper off and he refused to let me put a new diaper on. I chanced it and let him run around for an hour diaper free. Then when I needed to get him dressed I tried again but he did not want to put on a diaper. I offered him a pair of big boy underwear, and he was SO excited (Thanks aunt Jessica for the Christmas present!). He had an accident Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but yesterday he was completely accident free! I am so surprised.
I know there is still quite a journey to go before he is completely potty trained (especially since he has yet to do the big job...) but I am just completely dumbfounded by this. HOORAY!!
Now my only question is what to do for our plane ride later this week...


Yes the blow worked. I covered one nostril at a time and convinced him to blow my hand away from his face. The little beads shot out like rockets and bounced around the bathroom floor.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Crunch and Blow...

How do you get coco puffs out of a kids' nose... the crunch and blow. Thanks Everybody loves Raymond.

How do you get beads out of a two year old's nose?
Fingers? Won't work.
Tweezers? Too scary.
The Crunch? Uncrunchable.
The Blow? It had to be tried.

Just to give you some background Caleb refuses to blow his nose. He usually screams and throws his head back and the best you can do is a wipe off.

Yesterday my son thought it would be a fun and entertaining nap activity to insert small beads he found in his sister's room into his nose. One in each nostril. At first I only found 1 but eventually I got them both.
Needless to say it was a wonderful adventure, beads have been cleaned up and put away, and now everyone knows NOTHING goes in your nose. :)