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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bear Facts, by Caleb Brown

Here are a few of the facts I was informed of today by Caleb...
(Bears are his newest fascination, but in case you are wondering they don't hold a candle to sharks or airplanes...)

  • Bears like to eat honey (true, one of the few, and inspired by Curious George this morning)
  • Bears can stand on one paw like this...
  • Bears scratch themselves like this...
  • Bears can stand on their tippy toes, they stand on their claws...
  • Bears eat arrows, so the bones don't get stuck (I think he meant the bones from the animals they eat.)
  • Bears can stand on their hind legs and catch birds with their front paws.

And my All time favorite:

  • Mama bears carry band-aids for their baby bears, and their baby bears ask for them "Mama can I have a band aid" only it's in bear.

As you can tell we spent a lot of time being and talking about bears today... He even tries to convince Evan to follow him around as his bear cub. :)
Sweet boy. Gotta love it!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Welcome September

It's hard to believe that the summer is over, and September is here. Life is good and I am blessed.
August was an absolute whirlwind. The kids and I were home for the first few days, and then we headed south to Texas to spend some time with my family and attend "Nana Camp."
Nana camp is a great (albeit hectic) tradition my mom started 7 years ago where she gets all the grandchildren together for a few days and completely spoils them rotten! They have a blast and we always have great stories and pictures from the week. This year was the first year the number of grandchildren hit double digits. That's right there are 10 and the oldest is 9! Quite a busy and hectic week as you could imagine. :)
When we got back from Texas we unpacked only to have my wonderful in-laws fly in 48 hours later. It was crazy, and I won't lie a little stressful, but it was great to see them and spend time with them. We had a great time and they were generous enough to change their plane tickets and stay a few extra days. They stayed the extra time so they could watch Elizabeth and Caleb while Justin, Evan and I left to go to a job interview with a hospital in middle Tennessee.
It was a wonderful weekend and we really enjoyed the town, hospital, and people there. After our long weekend there we flew back home, and Justin's parents headed home the next day. There were two days left in August at that point.
It was a CRAZY month.
So, here on the 4th day of the month I welcome you September. Please be less crazy than August. :) Please.
I don't know that this is a realistic request. So far in this month: Elizabeth has started first grade, Evan has learned to climb stairs, we've frozen tomatoes from our garden, and like I said it's only the 4th day... We still have Caleb starting school, and who knows what other great adventures that will come our way...
I live the good life! :)

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