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Monday, August 31, 2009

What a month!

August has 3 hours left. Man, what a month! It has been a crazy, busy, chaotic, and yet mundane month.
If summer ever really came to Pennsylvania it was in August, but I didn't realize it was going to be a week or so of hot weather or I would have taken better advantage of those few days... Needless to say our swimming lessons are either going to be indoors, or wait until next summer.
Our month started/July ended with some great upheaval. Our dog Samson who we loved is no longer with us. Nothing tragic, I just finally came to the realization that he wasn't a good fit for our family. He hated (and by hated I mean tried to eat) all kids but ours. Not exactly what you are looking for in a wonderful family pet. It was with much weeping that we turned him back in to the rescue where we got him. So for now we are dog less again. But the longing for a dog runs pretty deep so I am sure we will have one before too long.
Justin officially started his second year of Residency in July, and is enjoying it. He spent the month of August working with the vascular surgeons and came home with some really great stories of surgeries he had been involved in. He still works lots of long hours, but hopefully he will be on call and actually out of the house less in September, so that will be nice.
Baby Evan is growing well. I go back to the doctor on Friday for normal stuff and my lovely glucose test. He is big enough now that Caleb and Elizabeth really enjoy talking to him, and kissing my belly. I think Caleb finally really understands what is going on and is excited, which is wonderful. He keeps asking me if Evan is coming today. No concept of time. :) (He also has started asking every day if he is 3 yet. I don't know how to explain to him how long two months is...)
Speaking of time it is flying. I consider myself lucky because I know most people have already packed up and sent their little ones to school, but I am have a whole week left! Schools here in Pittsburgh start on Thursday, but the kindergartners take the first week to test so E doesn't start until next Thursday! She and I are both excited and nervous. Our biggest decision is if she will ride the bus or not... AGGHH!! Next week will be crazy with not only her starting Kindergarten, but Caleb will start pre-school on Tuesday! He is SO excited, and can hardly wait to go. He even told me he would take Evan. :) With all that is going on next week I think I may start a private picture blog so I can show off my little cuties to those of you I know.:)
If you read all of this thanks. I'm sorry it has been so long. But clearly you are a trooper to stick it out through this long rambling post.

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