The light inside

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

9 years

Today marks 9 years since the moment that Justin and I committed our lives to each other and became one. I have a friend who makes a list when their anniversary comes around and I always love it, so I am stealing her idea...
9- 9 different homes (apartments, townhomes, sub-leases, etc.) we've lived in
8- 8 years of schooling and training
7- 7 different vehicles we've owned
6- 6 major medical experiences (childbirth not included)
5- 5 crazy people going in different directions trying to be a family!
4- 4 different states of residence
3- Amazing kiddos to keep us busy
2- Homes of our own (sold one last week, bought a new one today!)
1-life like we never planned, but more blessed than we imagined!

The last nine years have been such a crazy ride. I am so glad to have experienced them with Justin. When we said "I do" 9 years ago I loved you Justin. I love you SO much more now. You are such a wonderful man and husband. I'm looking forward to another 9 years and more!