The light inside

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Tuesday was my 27th birthday... So in honor of that I am listing 27 things you might not know about me:

1. My siblings once told me I was adopted, and I completely believed them.
2. I have broken three bones.
3. I've had three different surgeries. (Only one of #2 and #3 correlate.)
4. I am incredibly intimidated when I go to the doctor's office. (Although it is getting better as my wonderful buy goofy husband gets closer to being one of those.)
5. I don't really enjoy visiting other countries that much. I'm really quite happy as a homebody.
6. Once one of my biggest fears was that God would have me fall in love with a man who's life goal was to be a missionary...
7. In the sixth grade I was told by my teachers that I should have a career as a public speaker.
8. I was a youth ministry intern for two summers, and my youngest kids are now seniors in high school. (That will make you feel old!)
9. I didn't have a checking account until I enrolled in college.
10. I didn't have a cell phone until I was a sophomore in college.
11. I have an incredible gift for sleeping and going to sleep. It takes me almost no time, and I am rarely effected by anything (pregnancy, etc.)
12. I once told my pastor that my spiritual gift was sleep. He did not find that humorous.
13. I have two 1" scars on my right arm, that I got from my track cleats while I was long jumping.
14. I played soccer for 13 years, and quit my senior year of high school.
15. I've only kissed three boys, including my husband.
16. My first real kiss was in the fourth grade. (I know it's scandalous.)
17. God's plans never seem to align with mine. (If they did I would be single and teaching in New York's inner city right now.)
18. God and modern medicine have saved my life twice.
19. I've had a blood transfusion.
20. It is for people like that they have pre-made teacher kits and bulletin boards.
21. I hate long awkward pauses in group discussions. I will answer questions way too much just to avoid these.
22. I once chased my brother around the house with a butcher knife. (Yes, I had the full intent to hurt him.)
23. I have a large temper.I am getting better at controlling it, but I'm sure my family has quite a few stories.
24. Justin planned at least as much of our wedding, and has probably done more of Elizabeth's baby book than me. I'm just not crafty.
25. My favorite movie is Vivacious Lady. You've probably never heard of it, and won't find it in your local video store. But it is a Jimmy Stewart classic!
26. I think I've only owned and used three hair products in my life (besides shampoo and conditioner). Hairspray (thank you 1992), gel, and my new favorite the smoothing creme!
27. what you see of my front six top teeth are fake. My real teeth are really small so the dentist added to them so that they look normal.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Weekends always seem to be bitter sweet for us now, and this one was no exception. Justin came home to see us late Friday night, but it seemed like before we knew it, it was Sunday evening and he had to drive back to Greenville. (This weekend was crazy enough for it's own blog later.)

I have to say this living apart and seeing each other only on weekends is much more difficult than I expected. Elizabeth cries, and cries. She usually does well during the week, but having Justin leave (or us leave for home) is just so hard on her. Caleb doesn't seem to understand everything yet, and honestly I'm extremely grateful for that. At least this way I only have one child to console.

We love you sweetie, and we miss you!!

Elizabeth needed to type, so here is her input to today's blog:
eztbr jkutwwwwwwwavbiilytezxcvbnmeys p

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The posts in my head...

Does anyone else do this?

If only you knew how often I blogged in my head. Something funny or strange will happen, or I'll have a serious thought and I begin my personal narrative that becomes the blog in my mind.
I think it is because I have to either wait until my Dad comes home, and ask his permission to use his computer (yes it's great to live at home again), or I have to pack up the kids during the day and go to my brother and sister-in-law's house to use the internet. But know that I have more stories I want to share.

Maybe one day... Maybe one day...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Reality sets in...

I'm back in the saddle again. We had a wonderful month with Justin being around, and getting to play with us and help me out, but as I knew it would October came. Justin is off at another hospital. Luckily this month he is only a six hour drive away, which means we will see each other most weekends!!!
But this is my first week to know what it is really like to take care of 3 kids all day long. (I am keeping my nephew William during the day). Let me just say that I have already learned 3 things.
1. Three kids is a lot busier than 2.
2. Caleb will be walking before we even think about having another baby.
3. I never want children 9 months apart.

Elizabeth started ballet last week. She is absolutely precious! She has it every Monday, and when we called Justin last night she told him that she learned how to do a releve. I had to google it to know what it was! She is loving school, and getting excited about her birthday and Halloween coming up. It's hard to believe she will be 4 in a few weeks.

Caleb is motoring around like crazy. Cruising, crawling and pulling up anywhere he can. I don't think Elizabeth is too fond of his new found mobility, considering he now frequently comes and "messes up" what she is playing with. He is cutting his top two teeth, so the drool abounds.

My apologies if you thought this post was lame. Hey, at least I posted!

The girls

Here's a photo of us.