The light inside

Sunday, January 22, 2012

An aside...

For the moment I cannot (or at least it wouldn't be prudent to) use this as my personal journal to work through my feelings. So, that leaves me frustrated.
Since I cannot use this as my online therapy I will have to talk about something else.
My baby, isn't a baby any more. He turned 2 just over a month ago, and already I can see so many changes in him. His vocabulary increases daily, and so does his attitude! He is definitely going to push the boundaries and explore his independence. I think we are more prepared for this the third time around, but I know this guy is one tough little booger and he will be a challenge all his own!
It really hit me this morning when I get him ready for church this morning and I had to check to make sure the pants I had put on him weren't the wrong size. 2Ts, and they are already turning into high waters. That is my crazy big boy!