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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It went well!

Praise God!! He is out and it went really well! Thank you God for your faithfulness again. He still has a long road of recovery, but thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray!

My Daddy...

My Dad is a great man. As I get older I come to appreciate more and more all of the things he has done for me.
I always had at least one parent at every activity I was involved in while growing up. In high school about half of our soccer games were out of town. But you could guarantee that my dad was there and I would hear his voice cheering from the sidelines.
My Dad taught me about finances, and in high school he helped me invest some money in the stock market. It turned out not to be the best fund ever, but I still learned a ton.
I know to this day, even though I am quickly leaving my twenties, that I could still crawl up in my Dad's lap. My Daddy taught me what love is and what it looks like.
My Dad isn't perfect and wouldn't claim to be, but I am grateful and blessed to be his child and be raised by his hand.

I love you Daddy!

As I write this my Dad is almost 1500 miles away, waiting to have his chest opened up so they can do double bypass heart surgery. Please pray for my Dad, his successful surgery, and easy recovery. Also, pray for my mom who lost her father shortly after bypass surgery, and goes into this with a heavy heart. Thanks friends!

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