The light inside

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Consider it official

We have plenty of room here in Pittsburgh, and I just thought you should know we want to see you. So, if you are ever headed this way, want to come see us, or just want a random new place to visit, Come on! We do hope many of you will come visit us and spend some time with us over the next few years. Just wanted you to know you are welcome. :)

Besides if you come we can play "spot the mistake" and you can see all of the errors we've made doing home improvements ourselves.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


WE did it!!!!! I am so excited, I know this post will not convey my enthusiasm but know I am SO happy. Our downstairs bathroom is totally finished. It took us two months, but this is the first completely renovated room in our new home!! I cannot count the number of hours I have spent working on this bathroom. It has been a test of my patience, and a trial of my ability to persevere. But I think that God took this bathroom remodel at the very beginning of Justin's residency to remind me how much I need him, and how much he is going to have to pull me through the next 3 years. I know I will not and cannot complete this journey on my own. Thank you Lord for the reminder, and I know I need you here.

Here are some before pictures:
The tile was painted with white wall paint. AWESOME!! The tile floor was a nice peach to match.

Together Justin and I chipped out tile, replaced tile, took out the vanity and medicine cabinet, replaced the towel bar, and medicine cabinet. We installed a new light fixture, and pedestal sink, and painted as well. We had a plumber replace the shower fixtures, and had the tile walls and floor professionally refinished.

Now our finished product:

Justin's triumphant smile! Victory is mine!!! YES!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

San Antonio: photos to laugh at

I told some of you about our lodgings in San Antonio, but I had never posted photos. So here are some pictures that tell the story of how we spent the last 4 months of medical school. :)

This is Justin watching the super bowl on our living room furniture the weekend we moved in.

Here is our awesome dining room furniture.

Apparently I never took bedroom pictures, but the futon on the floor was awesome!

Ahh, I'm glad to be settled! :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Anyone seen my camera cord?

Seriously, have you? No? Well then we are in the same spot. The bathroom should be finished today (since Justin is on call, and I have all night to finish it) so I want to post pictures, but that requires I also find my camera cord. I guess you will know if I found it soon. I am SO ready for a break from remodeling! :)