The light inside

Monday, August 02, 2010

Loving well...

Loving someone well... What does that mean? It's a phrase I've picked up from my favorite radio personality, Dave Ramsey. He uses it when he is talking about using your money to truly bless people, but I'm thinking about it beyond that point.
In this season of our lives there has been a lot of drama, especially of late. In the midst of that drama there is someone that has needed to be "loved well." And Justin has been the one to do most of the "loving."
You see loving someone well doesn't mean telling them what they want to hear. It doesn't mean ignoring the problem, or pretending that it doesn't exist and hoping it goes away. It doesn't mean excusing someones behavior or rationalizing it. Or allowing them to do the same.
Loving someone well means listening to your friends when they are down. But it also means holding them to the truth in those times. It means giving people second chances, but not allowing yourself to be walked all over. Loving well means calling your friends out when they are being dishonest with you, or others in their life. Loving someone well means being honest with your them, sometimes brutally honest. Even if that honesty costs you a friendship.
Jesus calls us in the gospels to bring a sin before a brother. That is how we love people. That is loving people well.
I am incredible proud of my husband. Proud of the man he is. Proud of the fact that he will not compromise his honesty or integrity. He has been incredibly upstanding in a extremely difficult time and situation. Thanks baby for being who you are.
I hope one day the friend you love so much, and have treated so well will recognize it too.