The light inside

Monday, March 08, 2010

My BIG boy...

My hour is almost up, but I just laugh every time I think about this, so I had to post about it.

Evan's big. I know most of you are aware of his stats, but I just have to post them here for posterity's sake.

Today my 3rd child is 12 weeks old. He is a super sweet and content boy who is calm, and a joy to all of us.
But he is also a giant. He will be 3 months old in 6 days. Last week I called my mom and told her to start rounding up 6-9 month clothes because some of the 3-6 month clothes are getting tight. It's unbelievable!

His stats today at 12 weeks:
Weight: 16 lbs. 6 oz.
Height: 26 inches.

In 12 weeks he has grown 5 inches, and put on 7 lbs 6 oz.
That is approximately .42 inches of length a week,
and over 9.8 ounces a week!

It's just unbelievable. Sometimes I forget he is so little because holding him he feels so old! I am so interested to see how he continues to grow!