The light inside

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Evan

Introducing Baby Evan!!! At 19 weeks he is growing perfectly, measuring right, and looking good. PRAISE GOD!!!! He reminded us a lot of Caleb because he kept his hands up by or in front of his face almost the whole time. :) I know this picture is a little weird, but I absolutely loved the fact that he is smiling. Just a moment before this he wasn't smiling and then he did. It was so cute! Elizabeth was absolutely set on having a sister, so she was quite disappointed with the news. But after about 30 minutes she warmed to the idea of being the only girl. :) Caleb too thought he wanted a little sister, and his exclamation with the news was "NO." But within a minute or two he was back to playing with trucks, so I think he is going to be just fine with little brother. Now I have official plans for the bunk beds in his room! We are so thankful to God that He has blessed us with another child, and that He knew we needed another boy. We love you already Evan! It is our prayer that you will be a boy and man with heart for God, and that you will know the truth of your name: God is gracious!