The light inside

Thursday, August 15, 2013

God is good

I was listening to the Christian radio station yesterday, and a lady called in to say that God was good, she had been praying for a full time position to open up where she worked part time and it had and she was going to start working full time. 
Yeah. Good for her. I am truly glad that she received that blessing and God is good. I am glad he answered her prayers.

I'm also here to say that God is good. Yes I am blessed. My husband has a full time job & I have part time work (actually when school starts I'll have 3 part time jobs), but this is a HARD season for us.

We have a failed business and legal settlement behind us, but the wounds are still raw. Money is tight. Did you read in my previous post that we have a loved one in prison? Yeah, let's just be honest and say that dealing with that is difficult, and not dealing with it just makes everything more difficult. As you could imagine that also puts additional strains on family relationships on that side... Oh, and our house in Tennessee, our renters aren't going to buy it in a few months.  (This is, I know, a blessing somehow, but it makes me a little nervous.)

Our feelings are raw and our emotions are frazzled. We are weary. We have been in this situation for almost 18 months now. Not much has changed. It is hard sometimes to get up and face the same thing over again. We are starting to loose patience with each other. There are dark days and it's just hard.

But like I said- God is good. 

I haven't always felt that. I haven't always seen Him at work, or understood any of what He is doing.
But- God is good.

His goodness does not depend on my situation. His goodness does not depend on my happiness. My God is good-ALL THE TIME.

I'll say it in the good times, I'll say it in the low times.

GOD IS GOOD. All the time.