The light inside

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What we've been up to...

Well, it's been a busy month. We've had two big events.

The first happened earlier in the month, and was so emotional for me. I know Elizabeth is getting older and growing up. I only have a few months with her before she starts school. AGGHHH!!! But I just wasn't ready for this:



I can't believe she lost her first tooth! As I write this the one next to it is already loose, and will probably fall out in the next week or two. The best part was how it came out. I didn't think it was very close, so one night I was helping her brush her teeth. I was brushing like normal, when she said "Ow!" and closed her mouth. She stuck her tounge out and on her tounge sat her tooth! It was great because I didn't want to force her to pull it, and she was a little nervous about the whole idea.

I forget how tiny they are.

Our second big event, is one we are still adjusting to. We got a puppy! He is about 4 months old and he is half lab half sharpei. We found him through a friend at church who works at a vet's office. He was a stray brought in , and no one ever claimed him. So instead of sending him to the animal shelter, he came to live with us!

His name is Samsonite Christmas Brown. (A reference to Dumb & Dumber. I was way off!) We call him Samson. Who knows how big he will get, but he is already proving to be a quick learner. Now we can hardly wait for our fence to get installed so we can run free with him in the backyard!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Will of God

I've been doing a lot of thinking, studying, and learning about God's will in the last few weeks. I by no means have it figured out, but I have really enjoyed this process. I am learning and growing. I am sure that I am one of many who has often wondered... What is God's will for my life? I still have this question.

One thing that surprised me was the parts of my life that I have not allowed God to be sovereign in. I have not even considered what the will of God might be for my life in that area. There are parts of my life where I had plans and never even considered that God's will might differ from these plans. The idea of total submission, something I thought I had done, is still becoming real to me daily.

It has been said that to truly follow the will of God the first and most difficult step is to rid oneself of any desire in the matter. Wow...
I still can't say I have come to that place in my heart. My plans/desires/longings still burn within me. Yet, there is peace, there is resignation. Not in the sense that I am giving up or that I no longer care, but resignation in the sense that it is not mine to plan, not mine to make happen just as I dreamed.
God has already brought me far from the plans I had 7 years ago as I planned my wedding. Just ask my 5 year old... ;) What blessings come from plans broken and dreams changed.
I am on this ride with you Lord. Please guide me. Please hold me. And please never let me get off.